Winter Time is Here … by jane huff

The woods are thick and  still  and   deep,but i have promises to keep,  a frosty kiss

a shiver of snow flakes in my shoes , the owl in the tree whistles a happy tune

a shimmering light on the blanket of snow , raindeers dance  under

mistletoe,  the white creamy pond lay frozen and aglow , accross the

pastures  i see heads of sheep”  resembleing snow balls,in snow so deep,

the smell of ginger in the air ,  the horses bravely  marching

tracking  thorough  a snowy terrain  through  the deep forest,

walking against a blue dark sky of stars ,  , all you could see is

the stars shinning so bright” . toast to the winter , celebrate the

rise of he glorious cold day,  before my eyes .,jingle the bells from

our church i hear, so crystal clear, the tune i sincere,  of joy and

laughter in every ring , and you could almost hear the angels

sing,  the winter i remember  as the snow fall fast hit the

horse horness we’re almost  home at last,  the whistleing wind as

you open the door , the fireplace roar with warmth  galore

the nuts in the bowl, the coffee on the stove , the  blanket

to  greet you in a cozy seat by the window , truely amazing

winter time  is here .,  toast to the  coming of a new  day

to start again  in  a winter way.

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