TO KILL A BLACK BIRD….. todays spotlight commentary

A country that, will never sleep again, the  smell of death in the streets  , the confusion  the changes, of a century

as we knew it , anger violence  hurt, passion , everyone is to blame no one take the blame , police are judged , judges become  misleading , politician lie,   people take a wider look at our world , and its no longer them but its now us . just us,  against  that  generation of  people , that voiceless group of  tyrants , fighting a worthless cause ” praying for an end,  to the endless massacre,  affraid to speak your true mind  growing up in a world that devalues you catagorize you, labels you, strip your of your self respect,  base you  on a color , as though your a cattle call,  no one takes responsibilities for the others,  not even the  president , not even the congress , the pope dare to get involved, we call on god , expecting resolve for a mess we create together, cant  fight this giant this thing  we call tragedy.,  tragedy?  where did she come from ?  Who invited her here ?.  Why is she welcomed ? , how did she get in?  and how does she know who to  victimize  where does she get the courage to destroy divide, and to concur us,  we are merely black birds with clipped wings, decomposeing from within,  destroying us  , the smell of  vulgarity  in the air , the  feel of  a knife in your back , the evil the hate  the blood that drips down the hands of the evils of the world ,  the dispised, the non loyality we possess, a mixture of  provocative terror,  angry wolves , your soul you know no more , you will never be the same ,  your birthday was your free day , you were captured and enslaved upon birth,  why?  because you were not born free as you thought ,  freedom is so different than the teachings of the meaning you know , they say your born free yet, there are chains that are around your  waist , your neck your arms , your feet , you were never  free, you dream a thousand dreams of freedom  just like slaves must do , you  dreamed of a free world ,  to  sharecrop and  raise a family, love dance  celebrate,  honor god , and  live, the dream you been denied no one told you though you come here , to find truth.

your not on an island, the tragedy belongs to you too.  its ours  she comes for us all at a time ,we least expected, reaping astronomical damage to the soul…

what do you love  more than freedom? pride , dignity, respect , one  without  the other is no good ., useless unethical, unrealistic , greed, and selfishness has pushed you into a corner of deception and lies,  turn on the tv take off the blinders, lift the smokescreen,,  you must share every thing you have , with the less fortunate , rich or poor were all the same no one escapes what is offered for us all to , what a pity when you miss this.

orchestrated in your mind , far from the  realism of faith , a real thirst and desire for finding ones self , move  the

walls that  bind you , move the mountains that block you ., move the  hills that are in your view ., you have a ways to go to get there, you got a lot of work to move everything that holds you here .,

here in  a place and time  you never thought of before if they gave you free land  , you want to give it back , because its of no use to you , they said man was equal , he is not ., some don’t want to share the riches of the land , even if you get on your knees like a animal, plow , dig, crop., harvest , this land you get nothing but sore knee and  bruised  hearts , anger, empty , feelings ,  for another generation you could never even heal ,  so what do you do ? you stand , you stand for pride and justice , you stand for righousness and fair , you stand for clarity and ,  truth  in men, monumental acheivement is yours , you don’t mind shareing as long as  you have freedom to do so. nourish your own fields, crop your own land, harvest your wheat , but do help your neighbors less fortunate than you are .

forget what you read about , be who you are ,dont bask in the hate ,   you can be the  rise or the fall,  you have to rise for something are you will fall for everything .,

don’t bite the forbidden fruit you will go back to where you progressed from,  you have to know your strengths , dance with your weaknesses , and  hold your pride near and dear .  nothing on earth is sad as  the word i failed , when you do you let down all that needed to ride your back to get to where we all need to go get to., your a leader  many will follow your guidance you have to be sure to lead with graciousness and peace .,

the greatest gift god  gave man  is ability ., use it before you lose it ., its freedom its yours , its mine its ours .,

amen                         written by ljane huff

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