THE PEWS.. one sunday morning

Its sunday morning at the church of christ ,  the day is sunny and  bright, any sunday will do , its just i notice today was different, i saw sister mary, opening the doors  for fresh air, the church is empty through the week, she arrived first to open up  the doors , before turning on the air,  she  set up the  pulpit , pass out the  sermon, as she placed them on the pew, sunday morning is what it has been its a place to come home to, the home god  gave us to temporarily lay our burdens down, its the  place where we come to , to rejoice cleanse our souls , connect with other souls , and  feel the love and joy, we come to thank god for our children our home our spouse , our new grandbaby , our son graduating , our new job, our raise at work , our  new this our new that.,  we want to praise god for what we have.  at this house we come to sing we come to dance we come to praise, and pray., we hold hands and we, chante and we listen to the preacher sermon., he come to teach , we come to learn,

its important in his house to acknowlege why you come , there you didnt just come there  this is where destiny

said go to , some time you dont go but when you do you feel blessed , you feel face to face with god here,., cant you hear his voice in  your ear , telling you its, gonna be alright, every thing you worried about before you entered the door was  washed away.,  this is why you come here to feel the power of his words , his hands on you, his teaching ,  some people say god is every where  and yes he is , he is at your hospital bed if your  terminally ill, hes at your home protecting you, , hes at the site of a car accident and pulled you out,  hes  in your car getting you safely home., hes  at your job, at your schools ,  he is every where . but what if you didnt believe this where would you be?   how lost would your soul be ?   isnt belief  at the  middle of the circle of faith you have , is belief in god  the reason you bothered to come  to  congregate on  this day some days you never come, but to day you wanted to come and you did .,

how come we think , we know god if we dont know self ,  you have to  know god to know self,  they are not two things  they are one .combination . as i set in the pew, i put my hand down , clutched my bible and prayed, i prayed for , acheing hearts of the ones  i loved , i pray that god let me stay around a little longer  to be with the ones i love , i pray for separating the mind from  unhealthy thoughts , and  of worrying about people who didnt worry bout me .,,  i ask for  for giveness for my pass wrongs and my  blessings for my rights, i knodded my head to sister mary, as i creeped in early as i usually do., i sat on the pew in the back and i wanted to have a moment to talk to god .,  the light wind from the morning creep through the open door ., as mary walked up and down the isles , checking on every thing, preparing for  the day.,  she went to the pulpit, and she placed fans on the chore  seats ., and she turn on  the light over the reverends  desk ,  she open the bible  that the reverend  spoke from , and she sanged a  christian tune , as she did , she walked softly like a cat , as she creeped , back  towards me , i had  bend my head to pray. as she sat next to me,  and put her hands on my back  she began to speak., she  told me she remember when i was a little girl ,  comeing to that same church, she said she can remember my first easter speech where i forgot every words . we talked about my wedding we held right in this church .,  and my childrens baptism, and  and the day , i was saved,  we talked about , how good the church had been to  us both.,  as she rubbed my shoulders , and she smiled at me .,  i notice  some people coming in the door , softly  being seated one by one ,

i notice a small child run and jump on the seat , and  held her hand for her dad to sit down next to her, i saw , a newly wed couple , very young come in and sit in front of me,  both of grew up in this very old church ., this place was grand it was  monumental it was iconic , my mother and her mother went here, i wanted be here too the pews are older than all of us . here.  they tell many stories of joy , tears  funeral, and anniversaries ,  the pews stood stronge  protecting us , embracing us , for many years ,   the old fan in the back of the church  blew  before we had central air it still stands there .  the pulpit  still the same . 3 generations of pastures family , still teach the word of god . straight form the  good book..,  this place is a safe haven ,  a treasure ,  the pews just like and old friend waiting to greet you ever sunday morning .

when i left home , from high school , to venture into the world , i always though of this home god gave me , i often come back for home comings and  celebrations and its still gods house  god  house is not suppose to change , the warmth you feel  100 years  ago will still be here tommorow as a new generation get to appreciat this  home .  this house of christ .,  blessed are the pews that hold us dear , that secure us and welcome us  every time we come there . as the reverend walked in  all rised up out of our seats , and he said  a short prayer and ask us to sit down .,  his opening  sermon was great   he said  church i want to talk to you today about  gods promise .,  i want to remind you why your  here  to day as you have many days of your life . ,  it doesnt matter how long you stay away as long as you come back one day,  that is gods will for you.  accept it  and believe it ., and you shall recieve it ..  as he placed his bible   on the  alter,  the  chore began to sing ,  and i can hear the  sound of angels in my ear , as the rev raised his hands we all took a stan, as the chore sang you just stand . i feel the majic of the day , the praise the  sun light shine through the stain glass window . as we sang and rejoiced   this sunday morning .  it was truely a  new  day .,i will take one million days like this in my life time if i could .                       the pew   by ljanehuff.

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