The hardest day of  my life was the day i lost Moma , it was Summer the sun was Shining high my spirit was low , loseing moma was like losing an arm, something that you can’t imagine being without yet you lost , an unimaginable fate ,unimaginable  part of you lost forever ,  i saw a bird perched on a lim outside my window i imagine it was moma returning to watch over me to protect me, still and to  care ,  the smell of baked cookies , the rainy days , the ray of the sun helps me remember Moma.  she was a force she moved mountains ,Conquered hearts paved many roads just for us  she symbolized  a Royal Equisite rare diamond , far beyond her value unaware of her powers, , the one person you  always  knew was in your corner who believed in you who dreamed for you , who made dreams come true ,i know she would be proud of the progress i have made of the courage i had in her last days ., when someone hugs me i imagine it is her spirit here to say its ok .,Moma is a ray of hope even now a perfect symbol of  triumph and ability,  i was taught by her  to care , and to love , to live right and to not judge. this woman of remarkable courage, and strength the compass in which was left for me to follow is her christian beliefs and moral standards .  I never knew a person could impact my life this way , until that day she was gone .,  gone are the smiles and the stares at me when Im  wrong , gone are the cakes she baked with love , and the spice of life she gave us ., just like a mother bird she left her nest for the last time , in hopes her  young would florish  , Thrieve Achieve and Excelle  to the highest hieghts , she was good at showing her faith ,in the face of dispair  she smiled so we woulnd’nt worry,  thank you god for  the faith she had in me . i try to imagine my life if she had never birth me , its no telling where i would be , she paved many roads to my successful and hopeful future . the most valuable thing i own is her courageous spirit she left for me. . Mothers day is just another day without  her, ThanksGiving i can only give thanks to god for her ., Easter i rise  to my feet and give honor in my Easter prayer ,  Summer  Winter , fall goes by  and every season she remains the same in my heart, if  you love your mother you know my void my pain ,  when i woke up one day and realized she was gone   day one was unimaginable , day 2 i saw the sunshine peeping above the clouds ,  the first year passed i made it , i had to run my mind through a marathon of reasoning,  to get to the finish line  to bring my self to understand  my lost .,  its was not just gods will to take her, she was the gift that god reserved , , she goes to prepare a place for her  babie birds someday ., my mother healed me in a way because her leaving force me to know her mission here  ., her leaveing   was her plann to mend bridges ,she could not do while here . but she did her best  and for that im proud. of her ., she never hide her failures , she never ran from her enemies and she never met a stranger she would not feed . she was a nurse , a docter a indian chief , she wore many hates just so  her children could have the best .she could afford. Loyal to her committments,  , dutiful to her duties . reaching in the darkest deepiest parts of her soul for  answers to teach me what she never knew .asked for nothing . but love and care, respect, and protection from her love ones , a daisy in a field of lillies as she glide above me.blowing a kiss.,

I could not tell you every thing that she means to me  in just a few words., it hard to explain the essence of my moma; moma a burst of a zillion lights , mighty as a  lions roar.,  a little lady destine beyond  to be a  Queen . on that day i saw her last she was glowing with beauty. as they  buried her on the hill i remember  hearing her voice say  dont cry for me . im still here with you ., one day i

i opened my emotional  mail box to get my mail there was a letter  from moma it said  thank you my child thank you DEARLY MOMA .

in my mind  this letter was  important to me . now i know her spirtit follows me all the day of my life .

and thats the blessing  thats clearly the blessing                         jhuff / author


Sleeping  snuggly on a winters night ,  warm and cozy ,im laying in my bed , a day gone by so long my labor was done  finishing chores  in the barn on my farm, i put the children to bed,  sleeping silently the house so steal, and quiet,  hot coca in my cup i long to drink it up., the cat cuddle underneath my bed  purring softly sleeping cozy, no one moving but a mouse, i aknowledged he lives in my house ,a lantern burn a candles wick, as i lay relaxed i could hear,  a sound unfamiliar as i dozed off to sleep my book upon my pillow , a creeking door opened in the hallway, and shut quietly back , whistling wind  on the snow top,  a light gleeming in the window .as i rolled over  and woke , i sat up layed my book on the table and my glasses too. i turn my light back off and rolled over again intending to get some rest .

before you know it i heard a knock at my door”: it was soft yet steady and i though to  meself that this could be a neighbor , we lived in utah on a farm me and my 4 children, my husband passed away 3 years ago in  a car accident  we moved to my family farm, owned by my father,  to raise my children 2 boy 2 girls  shcool ages ,my children walked to school a little school down the road from my farm. 4 more farms adorned this area near my acreas. a beauty place to be lots of  pine trees , and gardens  in the pasutres  so beautiful and green. rows of  corn fields  on the smiths farm down the road from my farm ., daddy did a great job with our farm  making sure the legacy stayed alive.after ron passed daddy got sick and could no longer run the property , so i stepped in to manage it i knew  nothing about  running a farm but ilearned quickly, ron was my right hand . losing him meant so much more than anyone would imagine . a difficult time for the children  and me but we made it through ,faith bought us through ..

our farm was beautiful warm and natural, i grew a garden of fresh vegetables and fruits east of the barn this farm sits on 20 acreas , my horses were strong championship breed my children loved to feed the horses and mind the chicken coops after school., my pigs were marketed  and my vegtable harvest at the local city market., it had been a hard winter money was short , i was struggling financially with keeping the  farm , threatening forclosure and barely able to stay keep it running  , i had already  started to talk to the bank about selling the farm and moving to the ciity, most of the  horses i sold , it was never my intention to selll any of them . but i had to do this to survive i was down to my last 3 horses and my cows were  producing milk, for organic markets ,but even that was  not enough . . we had some chickens and  a few hogs , i loved all my animals and i did’nt want to sell any of them  they had become pets  to us and the children  are sad every when i had to sell one of them .i could barely afford one helper  named levi to mind the farm. but i  borrowed to keep us   afloat

my farm hand levi had gone home for the day ,he help me with the production of running the farm  levi was a nice man , married with 2 children at home , his wife  raven was a nice lady , they both would help out on my farm.the years pass since my husbands death was hard , he was the one made our life so beautiful he was the one that made our house a home . my father was my other right hand and he died one year after ron my husband passed away. i felt alone and lonely  over consumed with my pain, it took me two years to climb out of my emotional world wind when ron left us .  ever dream i owned was gone . he and i had many dreams for the children dreams for our marriage , dreams for a wonderful future . christmas, thanksgiving all the holiday were agony the first year we survived , the children kept me strong and me them .`a

as the knock grew softer but steady i got up put on my rob quickly, i thought i was dreaming but i was wide awake no one come to our farm this late. an occassional drifter to ask for directions to town .

i looked out the peep i saw nothing  i turn to walk away i heard it again, a soft knock  i turned down the hall and headed back , down the hall way with a flash light in my hands  and a dim light i turned on in the hall way ., whos there i said  softly                                                           TO CONTINUE               copyright


ABOUT: AN ENDEARING STORY ABOUT LOVE LOST AND LOVE FOUND , margie a struggling farmer in in iowa lost her father her husband and was about to loose her land ,when right before christmas a mircle landed literally at her door that would change the whole dynamic of her life . she will journey to a place in the heart she had locked away for many years
her child hood would play a major role in why her adult hood struggles had come and she will begam to see how tragedy can hit so fast . and the mystery of it all will drive her right back to the love she thought she lost .

THE ICON.. know the game or lose based on a true story., INTRODUCTION PAGE 1. based on true events

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]This  story is based on an an actual event and persons life ,  a story of how getting out the Hood becomes iconic, an un authorized document so names have been changed

ON A COLD WINTER DAY IN  kanas city mo…USA    looking out the window pf of my fiances house, i saw school age children getting on the bus it was january the coldest winter month in the midwest ,  kenny, a 9th grade boy got on the school bus .,  kenny was amist as he entered the bus a kid name ronny said  hey punk move you can”t sit here , get to the back of the bus where all your kind suppose to sit , a girl name  jolie gets on the bus , she was scared of this group of boys also,3 boys  got on the bus on  55th st. one of the roughest streets in…

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